Sunday, January 25, 2015

Grow Your Own Blog!

Good Morning!
Welcome to my blog!  Thank you to Vicki of 2 Bags Full! for letting me join over 200! Bloggers!  Wow!

I joined up today as I have been away from my blog due to illnesses in our family, you know how that goes! And my followers went on to other blogs, and it will be great if they can find me and come back.  So, I will be slowly adding what I am working on, hoping to slowly finish up my many UFOs!

With destashing a few years ago and then moving, I found sooo many masterpieces to do, so I just want to try to work on and finish one or two projects at a time vs a flurry and then get overwhelmed!  I really want slow but sure progress!

I will have a giveaway, but did not get it organized, I am away visiting family and want to do some quilt shopping while here!

As you can see from previous pictures, I am participating in a few new projects and online groups, so have a look and join us!  I really enjoyed Bonnie Hunter's Grand Island Mystery  quilt over the holidays, this is ready for the rows to come together!  The free instructions are still available on her blog, but hurry, she will be taking down soon!

I will leave comments open for a few weeks, and then draw for a giveaway for a few fat quarters! Just a comment to say hello and where you live, I am always curious where you all are.
Please enjoy visiting all the other blogs and follow those as well!
Take care, Have a wonderful day!  Happy Quilting, Leslie

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Friday Finishes! (Blogger and IPad are not nice friends today!)

Good Morning!
It is snowing a bit here, but we have little snow compared to previous years, so we are doing good!
Today, I wanted to share a few Finishes I have been able to do!
This little quilt is from Kathy Tracy's A Sentimental Quilter Yahoo group I belong to.  I think this is from 2013, but was finally able to quilt and bind it!

The other  mini quilt below  is wool applique, a design from Kim Diehl and her latest book Simple Appeal !
I really love all her designs, have all her books, and when I opened this newest book, I fell in love with this little quilt and had to do!

I will be linking up with Friday Finishes!
can I Get A Whoop Whoop?

Have a great Weekend!
Take care, Leslie

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt, link up!

Hello all Quiltvillagers!
Whew!  Made it under the wire! LOL!

Here is my humble entry...
I worked away over Christmas slowly, due to an injury, I am able to sew, pin or press for less than an hour at a time, and with household schedules, usually only once, maybe, twice daily.
I loved every stitch of every piece!  I did work on it every day, even to press groups of blocks or units.
My sewing room looks like a bomb went off, fabric scraps  all over, these are my colours, I had to jump in!  When I put a sash row and then the main block row together, I left it overnight in my ironing board.   The next morning, in the bright sunshine, I walked in, those pink flowers were dancing!  I was in love!
Thank you very much Bonnie!

I just have 3 rows of border units on and two rows of main blocks together.
I have all the main blocks together and most of the border units.

Yes, I will keep working away at this...

The hint I have, is I made mine scrappy, used all scraps, except I had to purchase more of my white with black fabrics online as they were my neutrals and I did not have enough to finish off step 2, so those were done over Christmas.
Also, for anyone preparing for Step 2, I like to press the small corner squares for Method 3, vs marking with something.  I just fold over, corner to corner, quick press, and then have a nice mark to sew against (not inside the fold), plus both the pink and black units press nicely.

Will show again as I progress.
Be sure to go back again and see all the loveliness at Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville blog
Take care, Leslie

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all!
I am posting with my completed steps for Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt with Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville
We are all waiting, hoping to get the next step early as Bonnie has done previous years!

Here are only 10 or so of my completed blocks of each step...
So far, Clues 1, 2 and 3 are completed.

Clues 4 and 5 are close to finishing the completed units, but my yellow is running out, so I am waiting to see how many more Clues there are and how much more of the yellow is needed.  If I need more, now will be my chance to add a similar flour for more unified scrappy look.
This year I have really used up scraps and leftovers!sure feels great!

Anyway, Happy New Year all!
I am planning on a better 2015 than the previous 2 years have been for our family!
Take care, Leslie

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas to One and All!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I know I have been gone for a very, very long time, but lots of changes at our home.

I am adding pictures of Christmas quilts from around the house and linking up with Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville!

Sorry if these are blurry, but I am a little shaky and still have't got picture taking on my IPad conquered.
Anyway, wishing you and your loved ones All The Best over the Holiday Season!
Take care, Leslie

A Christmas Candle Mat!  Original design unknown, from a Minnesota Shophop kit, but I added trees and stars from a 2007 Lisa Bonegan arrival in Quilt Magazine.
This is a tree skirt I started in 2006 and finished in 2010!  This is from Thimbleberries fabrics Nd the poinsettias and holly pieces are satin stitched machine appliqués with rayon thread!  It is about 60 inches round.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Welcome to the Pin It Blog Hop!

Hi There!

Welcome to my day on the Pin Cushion Blog Hop!
Thank you to Madame Samm, Kristen  and our great sponsors for bringing the blog hop together!

I love Bird Brain Designs!
I have these pincushions I made awhile ago, but unfortunately, gave them away!

Picture of BIG Flowers Pin Cushions

And the Always Blooming fabric Madame Samm has from PB Textiles!  Gorgeous!

I had planned a whole bunch of pin cushions, but here is what I made!

I love these mannequin pin cushions! 

I wanted to make a miniature sewing room, with a sewing machine, the mannequins and a sewing chair, but I think way too big!  Family visiting, frequent house showings, pain, all got in my way....

So, without any further ado here are my Gingham Ladies!

Imagine, you are planning a trip to somewhere warm
how about a new bikini?
In Red gingham madame?
with black gingham edging and green flower decorations?

Pincushion blog hop sept 17, 2913 What about a new suit in red and black gingham?

Mais Oui!!


Planning a all night sewing retreat?
Expected dress?
Your best new PJs, Of Course!
How about aqua gingham, with pink gingham and velvet ribbon trims?

Pincushion blog hop sept 17, 2013 How about aqua for new PJ's?

What Else!

I tried to use gingham, there is wool and cotton gingham.  By the time I decided on gingham, I could not buy any where we live!  I went to a flea market, bought a crafted basket made from gingham, came home ripped it apart to get the aqua gingham below!

The stool is made from cotton and wool gingham, and when turned upside down, will also be a thread catcher using the idea Madam Samm had a while ago.  The red gingham cotton is from red bias tape trim, I sewed together!

Here is the schedule to see all the other pincushions today!
So sad, is the last day......

Have a great day!
Take care, Leslie


Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Brief Goodbye...

Hi there!
I will be suspending my blog for awhile...
1. Goggle Reader is gone, and I do not whatnot to go with some of the other Readers as I do not want to use anything associated with Facebook.  I just don't like it, I guess trust it would be the right word...
2.  I am having surgery in less than 2 weeks and my activities, including sewing, for awhile.
3.  I do not have much to show right now with house selling, cleaning, etc
4.  I am getting spam comments, so I want to stop that too!
I tried and tried to upload some clip art, but the IPad can't seem to do it...
I will be watching from afar....
Yes, I will be back when I can, if there is any news!
I will miss you lots,
Take care, Leslie